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One-on-One Web Training

Have an Orange Blade Consultants Instructor walk you through the entire program or focus only on those features which pertain to your work flow. Or schedule classroom style training for a group to attend online. For more information, email us bluebeam@orangeblade.com

Onsite Training

Have us come to you and provide a classroom style instructional session with one of our Bluebeam Revu Experts.  Work directly with us to create a custom training session, specific to your work flows. Training quotes provided upon request. For more information email us at bluebeam@orangeblade.com

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Bluebeam Store

As a Global Platinum level Bluebeam Software Partner, we offer the full lineup of Bluebeam Products including Revu, Q, Academic licenses, software maintenance, and Enterprise Licensing programs at guaranteed best pricing.  Visit our Bluebeam Store.  Got Bluebeam Questions?  We have answers, lets talk........  480-559-8670
Software Asset Management and Deployment

Autodesk Software Asset Management and Deployment

Your enterprise software by Autodesk is critical to your business. It’s important to consider an effective and efficient Software Asset Management (SAM) process to help reduce the risk of compliance issues, control licensing and subscription costs and ensure optimal end-user access to your Autodesk and Bluebeam software. As an Autodesk Consulting Preferred Subcontractor we can substantially improve your management of your firm’s software license environment through a detailed SAM engagement.  Our Consultant lectures annually at Autodesk University on the topic of Networking Autodesk® Applications.

What our customers, clients, and partners are saying...

…one of the most instinctive and useful programs I have ever used. I can’t explain how much time and effort you have saved me with such minimal investment in learning the features! Bluebeam is really a treat to use.

Wonderful! Joel answered all of my questions thoroughly, and showed me many new processes that will help our team with punch.

Excellent!  This was a great overview of the software that was new to many in the group, but also provided a focus review of more complicated topics for the advanced users…

We would like our engineers to be able to use Bluebeam to the fullest extent of it’s capabilities to red mark drawings electronically.  The content discussed during our training session with Orange Blade Consultants was very helpful to our industry…

Orange Blade Consultants has demonstrated its ability to effectively work with leading industry firms to implement Revu, train end users and help firms leverage the incredible power of Revu to achieve real results.

Great session, learned a lot in 90 minutes!

We had some technical issues in our lab and the instructor was instrumental in getting us on track. It was a great introduction to Bluebeam. We intend to integrate Bluebeam in our curriculum.

Great one on one training. Saved us potentially hours in setting up our workflow through trial and error.

It’s nice to see a vendor who will help users learn the software they have invested in…

I found the training to be very helpful and easy to follow. Joel went out of his way to help and introduced me to additional Bluebeam features outside of our curriculum.

Unboxing the Surface Pro 4

Unboxing Surface Pro 4

We’ve been waiting, our customers have been waiting, and now it’s here. We’re unboxing the Microsoft Surface Pro 4.  This device might just be the perfect office to field (and then back to office) device. Notes: Specs on this unit are 256GB SSD/ Intel Core i5 – 8GB RAM Display is awesome, super sharp, can be […]

Bluebeam Revu and Windows 10

Bluebeam Revu and Windows 10

We’ve heard reports of sluggish performance when using Revu and Windows 10 with multi-sheet PDFs.  It’s too early to call this a widespread issue, but we’re definitely keeping an eye on it. The question has been asked often in the last month.  Is Bluebeam Revu supported on Windows 10?  And, supported or not, will Bluebeam Revu 12 and […]

What's new in version 2015.5 of Bluebeam Revu?

What’s new in version 2015.5 of Bluebeam Revu?

Bluebeam Revu was updated to 2015.5 on August 17, 2015.  What’s new in version 2015.5 of Bluebeam Revu? Open Licensing Revu 2015.5 introduces Open Licensing, a concurrent licensing solution utilizing a cloud-based license server.  See our August 19, 2015 Webinar “Bluebeam Open Licensing” Allows organizations to share a pool of seats between a broader group […]