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Revu Mac Academic License 2017


You will not receive a CD or DVD.  

FREE Electronic Delivery – License Certificate Delivered by Email in about 1 US business day (excluding weekends and US Holidays).  See our Bluebeam FAQ page for more information

Orange Blade Consultants offers the full licensed version of Bluebeam Revu eXtreme 2017 to students, educators, and School Employees of academic institutions at a significantly discounted price.

  • Only 1 Academic license per academic email address permitted (Multiple Orders to the same .edu email address will be returned/refunded)
  • Only 1 Academic license per student permitted (Multiple Orders to the same student name will be returned/refunded)
  • Academic verification required.
  • Customers must use their academic email address (current students and faculty only, alumni addresses do not qualify) during checkout to purchase at the educational price.
  • If you do not have an .edu email address, contact us to submit a photocopy of you current Academic identification.

Does Revu Mac Academic License have all the same features as Revu for Windows?

The most commonly used features from Revu Windows are available on Bluebeam Revu MAC. However, Bluebeam Software will continue to update the software to include the features that our Windows customers know and love. Check the complete Bluebeam Version Matrix to learn which of your favorite Revu features are currently available in Revu Mac.

Can I run Revu for Windows on a Mac if I don’t purchase Revu Mac?

Yes, you can run Revu or Vu for Windows using Boot Camp or Parallels.

Does Revu Mac have Profiles and toolbars for specific workflows or industries?

Revu Mac does not currently offer Profiles. However, Bluebeam Revu MAC does include Edit, Shapes and Text toolbars for quick and convenient access.

Which operating system is Revu Mac compatible with?

Revu Mac is only compatible with these operating systems:

  • macOS Sierra (10.12)
  • OS X El Capitan (10.11)

Can I use Revu Mac on my iPad?

No, however Bluebeam’s PDF viewing, markup, editing and collaboration apps, Revu iPad and Vu iPad, are both available on the App Store.

What’s the difference between Revu Mac and Revu iPad?

Revu iPad includes some of the most popular features of Bluebeam Revu Mac, enabling you to redline PDFs and collaborate with others on the go. Access and redline PDFs with measurement or markup tools, including your existing tool sets. Additionally, collaborate with project partners across the globe anywhere, anytime, regardless of Internet access, and review the same PDFs together in real time using Bluebeam Studio. Revu iPad does not include all the features found in Revu for Windows or Revu Mac. Revu iPad is designed to provide users with the features they need to document issues and collaborate in the field, without compromising speed. Revu iPad is only available for purchase on the App Store.

Does Revu Mac work with CAD applications and document management software?

Revu Mac does not currently offer any plugins for CAD applications or document management software.

Is Revu Mac localized in other languages?

Revu Mac is not currently available in any other languages.

Is Revu Mac available in Standard, CAD and eXtreme editions?

No, Revu Mac is only available in one edition. Check out our Comparison Chart to learn which of your favorite features from Revu Standard, CAD and eXtreme are available in Revu Mac.

Does Revu Mac support PDF forms?

Revu Mac does not currently support PDF forms.

Does Orange Blade Consultants offer volume discounts on Revu Mac?

Orange Blade Consultants offers volume discounts a the 5/10/25 and 50 seat level

How is Revu Mac licensed?

Revu Mac is available via Perpetual Licensing: a one-time license purchase that is charged on a per-transaction basis. Existing customers can trade in their Revu for Windows licenses at no cost, one for one.

Student with Macbook

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