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Bluebeam Revu Standard 2017 – New Licenses

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Bluebeam Revu Standard 2017 – New Licenses

The essential solution for intuitive PDF markup, editing and collaboration.
• 2D and 3D PDF Markup – Redline PDFs with customizable markups
• Markups List – Track all annotation data in a simple and customizable list
• Tool Chest – Save and share custom tools based on your workflows
• Sets – View and navigate an unlimited number of various source files as a single document, in a single tab.
• Measurement Tools – Utilize an extensive collection of measurement tools engineered for more accurate and faster calculations.
• ALSO INCLUDES: Bluebeam Studio – Manage projects securely and collaborate with project partners anywhere, at any time.

Key Features

Dynamic Fill


Measurement Tool Enhancements


Count Tool Enhancements


Utilize Capture to embed immersive panorama images into your markups to easily track construction progress.  Compatible with the

Ricoh Theta S Digital Camera


3D PDF Enhancements

Bring focus to PDF documents when clicking on File Name in the Tags dialog box.

Performance enhancements when loading and scrolling through Sets (.bex) files.

PDFs with colored form fields can now be unflattened.

Fixed issue with form fields shifting after flattening the PDF.
Further function and display improvements for XFA form documents.

The measurement depth value now converts its values correctly when changing the measurement unit.

Commas in the Depth column of the Markups list now appear in CSV reports.

Added option to show/hide hyperlinks when printing.

Resolved an issue with inaccurate collation when printing multiple documents.

Studio, SharePoint and ProjectWise
Studio Projects now includes the option to remove a Project from the list of attended Projects.

Improved performance when joining a Studio Project or Session of a larger size.
Addressed issue with markups going missing in a Studio Session when Revu crashed unexpectedly.
Fixed issue with Revu incorrectly finding SharePoint root paths, leading to authentication prompts that failed.
Resolved an issue with hyperlinks in PDFs not correctly linking to non-PDF files stored in ProjectWise.
Documents loaded into Sets now respect the Stack Revisions setting if stored in ProjectWise.

PDF Creation

Bluebeam Revu Standard 2017 includes direct plug-ins for Microsoft Office for one button PDFs and batch creation.

PDF Editing
PDF editing tools let you edit text, apply headers and footers, assemble files, and add, delete or rotate pages.

Easily tab between PDF files, launch multiple sessions of Revu at once, and split your screen up to sixteen times with Multi-View.

PDF Markup
Use Bluebeam‘s customizable markup tools such as text, notes, highlighter, lines, clouds, callouts, stamps, and more to redline PDFs.

3D Viewing & Markup
Navigate through complex 3D, switch between viewing modes and add markups to 3D views.

Tool Chest
Save commonly used markups in the exclusive Tool Chest for easy reuse, and import or share tool sets with colleagues.

File Access
Use the File Access tab to pin, organize, preview and reopen PDF files with a mouse click.

PDF Measurement
Take measurements using Revu’s suite of measurement tools, count from PDFs and perform area cutouts electronically. Add formulas to the built-in worksheet to calculate costs in Revu.

Search for keywords or phrases within PDF files and folders, or search for symbols using Bluebeam‘s exclusive VisualSearch.

Compare Documents
Automatically highlight the difference between two drawing revisions with clouds, or assign colors to layers with Overlay pages.

Bluebeam Studio
Bluebeam Studio allows you to create, share and collaborate in the cloud. New features to Bluebeam Studio allows for increased control in local file search, restoring previous versions and permission settings for studio sessions. Studio now offers more control for Tablet PCs, adding a Camera tool to insert picture and support for Touch/Pen controls.

Batch Processing
Convert an unlimited number of files to PDF. Add security, stamps, headers and footers or flatten an entire folder of PDFs at once.

Bluebeam Revu integrates with ProjectWise and SharePoint document management systems so you can seamlessly retrieve and check-in documents directly from Revu.

Store menu and display settings in Profiles and create custom tool sets, toolbars and stamps to fit your workflow.

Markups List
Manage and track markups in a convenient list that can be filtered, searched, imported and exported.

Manage and add hyperlinks to PDFs that link to websites, networked files, or jump to specific pages and places in a PDF.

Tablet PC
View and markup PDF files with the ease of your tablet pen. Tablet-specific functionality makes it easy to go mobile.

Use bookmarks to jump to a specific page in a PDF or snapshot view, go to a webpage, or open a file.

Define spaces within Spaces to automatically track markups.

Dynamic Layers
Assign markups to layers, easily toggle layers on and off, and insert a page as a layer.

Stamp PDF documents with date, time, signatures, and more. Use predefined stamps in Revu or create your own.

Password Protection
Apply a password to PDFs and set permissions to what recipients of your PDF can and can not do.

Flatten Markups
Flatten all markups, or individual markups, to make them a part of your PDF content.

Digital Signatures
Electronically sign PDF documents to support an electronic workflow and protect your intellectual property.

Add flags to PDF files to designate signature lines or draw attention to important information.

PDF to MS Office
Seamlessly convert your PDF files back to Word, Excel, or PowerPoint for easy editing and formatting.

Erase/Cut Content
Get rid of unwanted text or images for good with Erase Content or move data from one place to another with Cut Content.

Studio Projects Offline
Work with Project files wherever you go, regardless of Internet access. Simply log into a Studio Project and sync down files locally before going offline. Any edits made to documents while offline can be checked back in once Internet connection is restored.

Sets allows you to view and access an unlimited number of files as if they are a single document, in a single tab. Filter and organize files by page label or numeric sequence, and automatically identify, sort and insert revisions and addenda. Sets can even be saved and shared with project partners in a convenient, read-only format.

Format Painter
The Format Painter enables you to standardize the appearance of markups in one fell swoop. Save time replicating a markup’s color, line, width, opacity, font and more by copying the properties of one markup and applying them to a markup or group of markups.

Create bookmarks from page labels and page labels from bookmarks. Define a region on a page that contains searchable text, such as a title block, and automatically generate bookmark names or page labels from that content.

Visual Search Enhancements
Bluebeam’s exclusive Visual Search technology allows you to find symbols or graphic elements in any PDF, an entire folder of PDFs or a defined PDF Set, regardless of variations in color, rotation or even intersecting lines. You can even generate a count from your search results or refine your search selection for raster and vector art documents.

Structures (available in Revu eXtreme) allows you to quickly add complex, hierarchical bookmarks to a file by pulling in dynamic components from a selection of bookmark templates. Easily create your own templates or modify existing ones included in Revu. You can even share these templates with project partners using the Structures Manager.

3D PDF Enhancements
Bluebeam adds new dimensions to 3D PDF creation, viewing and markup. Convert IFC files directly into 3D PDFs. Copy objects from a 3D PDF and paste them into another PDF. Isolate regions of a 3D model using the Section Box tool for improved issue communication, and manipulate individual objects within a 3D PDF using the Transform tool.

Formula Editor
Streamline the creation of Custom Column formulas in the Markups list with Revu’s new expressions-based Formula Editor. Just start typing into the expression field to see a list of available functions and variables.

Markups Enhancements
Two of Bluebeam Revu Standard 2017‘s most popular markups tools received major upgrades. Callouts now include options for circular and triangular text boxes, with leader lines that automatically re-attach to the appropriate side of the text box when moved. Cloud properties now include the ability to modify the size of cloud curves, and an option to invert the cloud pattern.

Split Documents
Divide and conquer using Bluebeam’s new Split Documents feature to separate a PDF into multiple sections. A document, or a specific page range within the document, can be split by top level bookmarks, file size or page count. Best of all, Split Documents does not affect the source PDF since each section is saved as a new PDF file.

Stapler Enhancements
Bluebeam’s Stapler PDF creation engine has been significantly updated. In addition to improved results when publishing files via the Stapler, options to Convert Files and Combine Files are now just a click away from the Windows Explorer menu.

Compatibility and Plugins
Bluebeam Revu Standard 2017 is officially compatible with Windows 10, including support for multi-touch drivers and high-resolution displays up to 4K. The Internet Explorer plug-in has also been updated to support FileOpen and PDFs hosted on secured websites.



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