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Add Annual Maintenance – Bluebeam Revu Mac

$39.00 $36.00

*** Optional, must equal number of Bluebeam Licenses Purchased/owned ***

Maintenance must equal the number of licenses you’ve purchased. For example, if you have purchased 5 installs of Revu Standard, be sure to purchase 5 maintenance.
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About Software Maintenance

Bluebeam Software has an annual maintenance program for Bluebeam Revu. The Bluebeam Maintenance Program is available for all users. Here are some of the valuable benefits of signing up for the Bluebeam Maintenance Program:

  • Premium Support

    You will receive premium phone and e-mail support from our experienced technical support staff trained to answer a wide range of CAD and PDF-related questions.

  • Major Version Upgrades

    When Bluebeam Software releases a new major version of our software we will notify your company and provide upgrade license keys for you free of charge.

  • Minor Version Upgrades

    When Bluebeam Software releases a minor update for our software we will notify your company and provide instructions to download the newest version of our software directly from Bluebeam.

  • Renewal Option

    As a Bluebeam Maintenance Program participant your company will have the option to renew its maintenance agreement so your employees can continue to receive timely software updates and technical support.

Is Software Maintenance Worth it?

Software Maintenance costs less than half the price of upgrades.  This means that when new releases of Bluebeam Revu are issued, you are entitled to the new release at no cost.  New releases of Revu are typically issued in the Spring months in the US.  Since 2002, Bluebeam Revu has maintained a release cycle closely following that of AutoCAD.

Your premium phone and e-mail support is now also provided by Bluebeam, Inc.  This means that you now have 2 support options (your reseller – Orange Blade Consultants and the manufacturer of your software – Bluebeam, Inc.)