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The BIM Challenge

Implementing BIM in an organization is so much more than loading the right software onto the right devices. It’s about educating an entire workforce about tools, processes and workflows to meet stringent standards. That’s a big challenge.

And it gets bigger with the challenge of driving software and process adoption across geographically-diverse teams with varied levels of experience, workloads, motivation, and access to technology and learning styles. Organizations are facing a knowledge gap that prevents them from achieving the advanced consulting role they know they need to provide in today’s competitive market.

The BIM eTraining Solution

Training drives software adoption. You need a solution that addresses all the standard technical requirements, yet is fully customizable to reflect the unique processes and workflows of each organization. We offer a comprehensive BIM training platform with a strong foundation of technical and professional skills courses, smoothly integrated with tools to capture and share custom corporate knowledge and requirements.  Explore the Training Courses below to learn more.

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BIM Training Workflow

BIM Training Workflow


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