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Meeting and Exceeding Your eTraining Expectations

Global eTraining

Global eTraining Competitive Advantages

With courses focusing on BIM, Civil, Mechanical, AutoCAD, and Microsoft Office, there's a course for.  Anytime. Anywhere. Any Device.  Be better at what you do..... With Global eTraining.

eTraining by Training Experts: Global eTraining is based upon 25 years of interactive asynchronous technical training experience in a college setting with thousands of successful students every year. No other providers of online training materials for Autodesk software have comparable training expertise. Global eTraining was created by Digital School, an Authorized Training Center and College.

Seamless flow of multiple learning styles: Global eTraining’s expertise is demonstrated within the courseware by the seamless flow of multiple learning styles. It is a misconception that a checklist of audio + video + quiz = an equivalent training product. Global eTraining understands when to use the appropriate learning style for each learning objective.

Global eTraining is two-way interactive training, where the learner is involved, engaged and in control. One-way, passive training – such as video tutorials or online textbooks, has several limitations including engagement time, attention span, retention levels and ability to repeat a skill in a project scenario.

Custom Learning Plans: Global eTraining is able administer an assessment of users software skills, then generate a custom learning plan that links to the required eTraining content, so users can focus on the areas that require improvement and reduce their skill gaps. This ensures the most relevant training for each person and no time or money wasted on redundant training. With completion of a post-assessment, the skill improvement of each employee can be measured, which can be used for ROI calculations.

Ease of administration and robust reporting: Global eTraining uses a Learning Management System (LMS) with the optimum balance of robust reporting and ease of administration. Most online training material providers do not use a sophisticated LMS and therefore have little to no reporting functionality available. Those who do have an LMS with some reporting available, do not have the ability to scale reports from a high-level view to detailed information and are not able to allow company-specific views or reports through a custom administration portal, making reporting both tedious and restrictive. Global eTraining has scalable reports specifically available to each company and each department.

Driving use and adoption through the Instructor Help Desk: Global eTraining’s objective is for users to engage with and learn from the courses. We actively track usage and adoption and work with the organization to communicate the offering, the benefits and the methodology. Our proactive Instructor Help Desk means that a learner is never stuck on their own, providing a social element of a real person available to help.

Highest Value Best product at the best price: Enterprise license pricing, available for larger organizations, provides a low entry point for all-in access to the entire Course Library.


Our Knowledge Management Platform = Your Measurable Results

What gets measured, gets improved.

  • GeT is a true training partner, not just a content provider. We are with you every step of the way to support effective adoption and implementation.
  • Set your ROI parameters and track your team’s training activity and application to real-world projects.
  • Access the right information immediately with advanced search across text, audio and video.
  • Stuck? Submit a support ticket to our 24/7 technical help desk.
  • Apply knowledge to real-world projects seamlessly and immediately, so you work and learn in real-time.
  • GeT’s elaborate back-end reporting system is the most secure and robust in the industry, with the lowest bandwidth and highest uptime for global use.
  • Big data analytics offer the most complete and up-to-date reports to calculate your ROI.

“I learned how to apply different facets of the software packages in order to maximise efficiency in my various design works over the past year. Without the software knowledge gained through application of these courses my design work would have been far more tedious and thus more costly for my company. I applied almost every lesson as my design works have had a wide scope.’” GeT Learner