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Bluebeam Studio Prime

What is Bluebeam Studio Prime?

Bluebeam Studio Prime is a cloud-based subscription collaboration solution that includes all the features of Bluebeam Studio, plus additional administrative functionality. Studio Prime offers greater administrative control over users and files, Studio usage reports, and access to the Bluebeam Studio API, which supports external application integration.

Who uses Studio Prime?

Companies who want more control over users and files in their Bluebeam Studio environment.  Companies who want more control but don’t want to host their own local Studio. For those who prefer to host their own local Studio see Bluebeam Studio Enterprise.

User Management

Invite Members to gain ownership of their Studio accounts so that their Projects and Sessions become part of the managed Studio Prime account. Control user access to all Prime content, as well as the Bluebeam Studio API. Block external Collaborators and restrict managed users who no longer need access to the Studio Prime Sessions and Projects. The power is in your customers’ hands.

Studio Insights

Administrators can generate and export in-depth reports on Project and Session activity, gaining greater visibility into Studio usage. Easily audit access to all managed content with reports on Project and Session participation. Your customers can even access Studio Insights without a seat of Revu through the online Studio Prime Portal.

Studio API

Your customers can harness the power of Bluebeam’s collaboration technology to take their applications to the next level. Studio Prime allows them to manage client integrations with access to the Bluebeam Studio API to integrate internal and external applications. Want to build your own integrated applications?  Get information about the Bluebeam Developer Network.

Cloud-Based Simplicity

Get enterprise-level administrative functionality with the ease of a cloud-based platform. Just connect to a Prime account from anywhere and start working!

Project File Jobs

  • Convert Word, Excel, PS, image and DWG (beta) files in a Project to PDF
  • Modify a PDF Project file in any of the following ways:
    • Add a Stamp
    • Add a header and footer
    • Balance pages
    • Combine files
    • Create PDF-A report
    • Delete pages
    • Export custom columns
    • Export form data
    • Export markups
    • Extract pages
    • Flatten
    • Get a file property value
    • Get a single file property
    • Get all file properties
    • Get the markup list
    • Get the page count
    • Get the page rotation
    • Get the page size
    • Import custom columns
    • Import markups
    • Insert blank pages
    • Insert pages
    • Process colors
    • Reduce file size
    • Repair
    • Replace pages
    • Reverse pages
    • Rotate pages
    • Save as PDF-A
    • Set PDF security
    • Set the open password
    • Split pages
    • Unflatten


Do I need to own a seat of Bluebeam Revu to use Studio Prime?

Administrators do not need to own a seat of Bluebeam Revu to manage a Studio Prime account. They will have access to the online Studio Prime Portal, where they can control user access and generate reports on user activity.

Members and Collaborators need access to a seat of Bluebeam Revu to participate in Studio Projects and Sessions managed within the Studio Prime account.


What are the different types of users within Studio Prime?

There are two types of users within Studio Prime: Members and Collaborators.


Members are invited to join the Studio Prime account by an Administrator to become managed users. Members could be employees, joint venture partners, or anyone who needs to become a managed user. Administrators have the ability to manage Members’ Studio accounts and associated Projects and Sessions. There are three different Member roles within Studio Prime:


This role is assigned to the user who sets up a Studio Prime account.


This administrative role can be assigned to any Member by an Owner or a fellow Administrator. Administrators can access the administrative Studio Prime Portal to pull reports on user activity in managed Projects and Sessions.


The basic role assigned to a user invited to join a Studio Prime account. Prime Members give Administrators the ability to manage their Studio account and corresponding Projects and Sessions. This role does not have any administrative capabilities.


Collaborators are external users that Members invite to attend managed Projects and Sessions. Collaborators could be superintendents, subcontractors, or anyone who needs access to a Studio Project or Session within the Studio Prime account. Collaborators who are invited to join a Studio Prime account maintain control over their personal Studio account. Administrators can control Collaborators’ access to Members’ managed Projects and Sessions.

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