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Bluebeam FAQs

When will I receive my new license(s)?
Your Software License Certificate will typically be emailed to you in less than 1 US business day (excluding weekends and United States Holidays). Our office in Arizona, USA is open from 7:30am to 4:30pm (AZ Time) Monday-Friday excluding US Holidays.
2018 Holidays: New Year’s Day – Monday, January 1, Martin Luther King Jr. Day – Monday, January 15, Memorial Day – Monday, May 28, Independence Day – Wednesday, July 4, Labor Day – Monday, September 3, Thanksgiving – Thursday, November 22, Thanksgiving Friday – Friday, November 23, December 24, Christmas Day – Tuesday, December 25. 
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I have Bluebeam Software Maintenance; how do I get the upgrade to the current release?
Visit https://licensing.bluebeam.com/upgrade to get your upgrade to the current release.  You'll need your serial number, your product key, and the email address used when you placed your initial order.  This information can be found on your Bluebeam License Certificate.  Can't find your license certificate?  We can help, contact us today.

Can I purchase 3 licenses today, then 2 more in 2 months and get the 5-license pricing?
Unfortunately, Bluebeam Software's Policy volume pricing is honored on a "Per Transaction basis".  Volume discounts don't take into consideration past purchases.

Will I own the software after I purchase it?
Yes, you will own your perpetual license(s) of Bluebeam Software after purchasing it.  Open Licenses, however, are on a subscription basis. Watch this short video as Sarah Greeen of OBC explains how to best manage your license(s) of Bluebeam Revu.

Will I receive a CD or DVD to install Revu?
No.  You'll receive by email your license certificate with installation link, serial number, and product key.  This will unlock your trial version of Revu and prevent it from expiring after 30 days.  Your Software License Certificate will be sent to the email address used when you placed the order.  On rare occasions, this email will end up in you Spam Folder.......so be sure to check!  The email will come from registration@bluebeamops.com

Can I try Bluebeam PDF Revu before I buy it?
Yes, of course.  Visit our downloads page to get your 30-day full install of Revu Standard, CAD, eXtreme, or Mac versions.

Do I have to be in the United States to Buy Bluebeam Revu?
No.  We are international reseller of Bluebeam Products.  We have customers from all corners of the globe.  As of August 2016, Bluebeam Revu is localized in the following languages: Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Dutch, German, Spanish, French, Japanese and Italian.  

How do I upgrade my current version of Bluebeam to the latest version?
Upgrading Bluebeam Revu is easy.  Visit Bluebeam Upgrades and follow the step-by-step procedure. Have your current serial number available during your upgrade purchase, we'll need it to process your order. Trouble finding your existing serial number(s)? Contact us, we can help.

I am a few releases back; can I upgrade to the current release?
Yes.  If you have a valid serial number for any version of Bluebeam....you can upgrade to the latest release.

I currently own 10 seats of an older version.  Can I upgrade some, but not all, of them?
Yes.  You can upgrade a portion of your Bluebeam seats.  Just let us know in the "Order Notes" section during checkout.

Can I upgrade from the Standard or CAD Version to Bluebeam eXtreme?
Yes!  Just purchase the Bluebeam eXtreme upgrade.  Have your current serial number available (you'll enter during the order process).

What happens when I place an order for Revu but already own licenses of Revu?
If you purchase additional seats, we will add them to your existing serial number unless you tell us otherwise.  Example:  You own 3 seats of Revu CAD Edition on serial number 1234567.  Purchase 2 more seats of Revu CAD and we'll make your serial number valid for 5 seats/installs.  Buy a different version of Revu, we'll create a new serial number for these new seats. Confusing? No problem, let's talk.  We do this all day, every day.  Contact us at 480-559-8670 or bluebeam@orangeblade.com

I forgot to add software maintenance when I placed my order, can I still add it?
If you did not add product maintenance to your order, you made do so within 30 days of your initial order.  Choose the correct maintenance contract (if you purchase the CAD version of Revu, be sure to get CAD maintenance).  Open Licenses, however do not require software maintenance as it is included in the price of the yearly subscription.

Do I have to purchase Revu from the same vendor that I downloaded the trial version from?
No.  You can purchase Revu from any reseller, regardless of where you downloaded your trial version.

When I purchase, what release am I getting?
When you purchase Bluebeam Products from Orange Blade Consultants, you will always receive the current release.  If you need an older version of Bluebeam Revu, we can do for you.  Let us know in the comments section during the ordering process.  

Are there Academic versions of Bluebeam Revu?
Orange Blade Consultants offers the full licensed version of Bluebeam Revu to students, educators, School Employees a significantly discounted price. Academic verification required. Customers must use a valid academic email address or submit a copy of their student ID Card during checkout to purchase at the educational price. Your license certificate will be sent to your academic email address. There is a 1 seat limit on Academic Licenses of Bluebeam Revu per academic email address.  Multiple purchases of Academic licenses using the same academic email address will be refunded. 

Do I need to sign License Agreements?
Only Open Licenses and Bluebeam Studio Prime requires a signed and returned agreement. Bluebeam Software Perpetual and Enterprise License owners are not required to complete the Bluebeam Open License Agreement.

Where can I purchase the iPad version of Bluebeam Revu?
Bluebeam Revu for iPad can be purchased from the Apple Store

Fun Fact
Arizona doesn't observe Daylight Savings time.  Our Arizona office is the on Pacific Time during the summer months and on Mountain Time during the winter months.

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