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Orange Blade Consultants

Why Work with Orange Blade Consultants?

We're an industry leader built on trust. Our customers trust us to deliver "Best-In-Class" Software tools and support. Our team members trust each other to pick up the slack when needed. 

Work from Home Office

"Traffic was a nightmare on the way in to the office today" and "I love driving across town so I can use the phone and PC in a cubicle in an office complex  - I surely can't be trusted to do my job from my home office" - Things you will not hear at OBC

Join a Leader

Since 2006, the leading Bluebeam Software Reseller in the US. Our dedication to helping our clients succeed continues to propel us forward.

Join Orange Blade Consultants

Bluebeam Certified Instructors

Spread your Wings

Just enough travel to keep things interesting. Meet with customers at trade shows, industry events, company sponsored events, and training events.

Someday you will Retire

We'll help you get there. Company Matching 401k for eligible employees.

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