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Bluebeam Price Quote

Special Circumstances for your Bluebeam Price Quote?

Have a special request?  Need help finding all of your licenses?  Do you have existing licenses, multiple versions, multiple locations, lost machines, or retired PCs?  Need help consolidating your licenses?  Email us at bluebeam@orangeblade.com, we’re here to help. We’ll have your Bluebeam Price Quote to you in no time.

Questions about Enterprise Licensing?  Chat with us, click the Chat window in the lower right side of your screen or email us at bluebeam@orangeblade.com

Quote Tips:

  • We offer volume discounts at 5, 10, 15 seats of Revu.  If you need 4 seats of Revu, but think you’ll need a 5th seat in the near future, it is best to buy 5 now instead of 4 now and 1 more later.
  • Have existing licenses are Revu?  We can merge new seats into existing serial numbers to make license management easier for you.  Use the “Optional Comments” section to let us know.
  • Don’t have time to wait for a quote? Check our Bluebeam Store for current pricing.
  • Are you a candidate for Open Licensing? Open Licenses of Bluebeam Revu (Sometimes referred to as Network Licenses) allow you to buy less seats than users.  An example use case would be:  Say that you have 20 users who need Bluebeam Revu, but there are never more than 7 or 8 people using it at any given time.  You may be better served to purchase 7 Open Licenses instead of 20 perpetual licenses.  Bluebeam Open Licenses come in the Extreme Version only. Find out more about Open Licensing here.
  • Using Windows XP?  The last version of Revu to run on XP was Version 11.  Let us know in the comments section if you are running XP.



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